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Getting that Look

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

So many times you hear that judge picks faces, however, what we have seen most judges are drawn to great showman.

What makes a great showman? The person who walks in the arena and everyone looks, especially the judge. The presence of the showman, how he/she walks, determination and a confidence as seen with the posture, the eyes and the beauty of showman and animal working together in a true partnership. The great showman tells the judge through their mannerisms and confidence that they are bringing that judge the best animal in that class or for that matter that show. We call it "Make them Look".

How do you create this Grand Entrance? For one, you must be confident. Whether or not you truly believe you are the best, showing the best; you must have the ability to show it in your posture, in your face, and the way you handle the animal.

It truly should be a command performance.

The partnership between showman and animal begins with long hours spent at home. Lots of walks away from other animals, walking as one would when entering the showring. The animal truly must trust the showman and be willing to walk any where. So when you get to show and you have a crazy ring steward that waves his hands in front of your animal, the animal still walks. When you get to a show and the flooring over the concrete is slipping underneath your animals feet, the animal continues walking. When there are decorations around the ring, flags flying or unruly kids playing along the fence, your animal still trusts you and is willing to dance into the ring, head held high, giving the judge the look you really want him/her to see.

Getting there isn't easy. It takes lots of hardwork, but when the day is done you truly know that you gave it your all and you got that "Look" then you know you are truly there-A GREAT SHOWMAN!

When all the hours pay off!  A true partnership exist!
Grand Drive Houston 2015

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